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  • 大阪

玉利 祐三 写真展 Yuzo Tamari Photo Exhibition
「Paris Photo Exhibition with Ash-Mono-Color ; Pair/Partner」

(c) 玉利 祐三

ふたつ、ふたり、男と女、母と子、主人と愛犬、手と足、人と物、何かのペア、二人の飲みほしたコーヒーカップ等々と“ペア(pair) ”のかかわりは、見方を変えれば様々である。それらは、私には、興味深い存在であり、時にはほほえましく、愛おしく思えてならない。そういうかかわりが、私は気になる。
 私には、“ひとつ”よりも、かかわりのある“ふたつ”、換言すれば、さらなる親密な関係の“パートナー(partner) ”と言えるヒトなり、モノでさえ、愛おしく思えてならない。

I am interested in“pair/partner”, e.g., man & woman, mother & child, hand & leg, honor & dog, two coffee cups after drinking, human & material, and so on, since I feel so good, comfortable, and occasionally lovely.
I have been satisfied for the close relationship between “pair/partner”described above, with the comparison of single situation.
I have taken all of the photographs most at Paris in France and some at surrounding districts. I have presented the “ash-mono-color”photograph defined as some colors containing basically“ash”by the dark-room-treatment with the digital techniques, compared with the general“monochromatic color”photograph composing a single color.

出展作品数:約 56点

午前10:00~午後6:00(最終日 午後3:00まで) 入場無料
オリンパスプラザ 大阪 アクセス

(c) 玉利 祐三

(c) 玉利 祐三


玉利 祐三(たまり ゆうぞう)Yuzo Tamari
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1966/68 Drawing by oil-painting during High School in Japan.
1971/76 Experience of the photo-development of glass-plate on the study of spectroscopy for the university and the graduated school of Chemistry. Ph.D. of Science.
1979    Interested in photograph with 4×5 inch-cameras, working for the education and research at University.
2006    Quit for the University working as Professor. Specialist for analytical-, radiation-, environmental-chemistry, trace nutrition, predictional medicine, etc. Members of the investigation of the 7th recommended dietary intake for the Japanese people with Japan Government, Ministry of Health.
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